Decorative concrete stamping (also known as patterned concrete) is a process of impressing a three-dimensional pattern into new concrete or an overlay (resurfacing) product using specially designed rubber stamping tools.  Stamped concrete provides a surface that resembles conventional floor textiles, such as natural stone, slate, granite, etc., but with the strength, durability, and easy of maintenance of concrete.   Stamped concrete can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional textiles.  Different patterns and colors can be combined into custom designs to provide a unique and dramatic look.  

Stamping concrete utilizes color hardeners, pigmented releases, and patterned stamps to duplicate standard floor textiles such as brick, pavestones, slate, wood, natural stone, as well as many others.  Concrete Colors of Texas, LLC and INCRETE Systems are available in many standard and custom colors to meet your design needs.  The color hardener not only provides the base color, but improves the properties of the new concrete.  The release ensures that the stamps can be removed easily, leaving a clean impression in the finished concrete.  The release also provides an accent color thus giving a more natural, antiqued effect. 


Key Benefits:

  • Elegant look at an affordable price

  • Freedom of design

  • Increased durability

  • Low maintenance

  • Variety of colors and patterns


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