Concrete Countertops

Decorative concrete countertops offer an alternative to standard countertop materials such as natural stone (for example granite, marble, limestone, and travertine) and solid-surface synthetics (such as Corian and Avonite).  In general, based on performance and cost, concrete is competitive with these other materials, but is not as limited on color, thickness or natural patterning.  Because concrete is cast in molds or forms, the countertop can include subtle texturing, decorative objects (such as shells, fossils, mosaic tiles, pieces of metal to form trivets), changes in contour (for example a dish drain), and variety of thicknesses.  Concrete can give warmth and color depth not available in granite, marble, or Corian.  

Concrete can be used anywhere standard countertop materials are used.  It can be used for countertops in kitchens, islands, bathrooms, vanities, backsplashes, sinks, fireplace surrounds and mantles, table tops, and window sills.

Decorative concrete countertops are an exciting alternative to the more common stone and solid-surface synthetic countertops.  Because every decorative concrete countertop is custom hand crafted, each one is unique.


Key Benefits:

  • Design freedom

  • Variety of colors and patterns

  • Affordable alternative to natural stone

  • Available in a variety of thicknesses


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